I started knitting as a young child and learned crochet as a teenager. My mom had a boutique yarn shop in North Carolina before our family moved overseas. I spend a good part of my time at the computer, remotely managing the administrative functions behind the scenes. My evenings are project time for knitting and crocheting, mostly models for GPY or our grandchildren.

I learned to crochet and tat as a child. I have been knitting for 18 years and have a passion for handcrafts, I also spin, weave and make bobbin lace. As a former engineer I'm fascinated with fiber arts equipment, so along with spindles, wheels and looms I also have a few sock knitting machines. I love stitch dictionaries and designing patterns for hand painted yarns.

My grandmother taught me to knit/crochet when I was a very small child. I was left in her care while both my parents worked. It was one thing we could do together since she spoke Spanish and I spoke English. My grandmother bought me my first skein of yarn, my own crochet hook and a white wicker tote. I still enjoy knitting, KALs, and belong to the GPY sock club. When I'm not knitting, I love to read knitting mystery novels.


My grandma taught me to crochet about 35 years ago and it's in the last five years that my hobby has evolved into a serious addiction. I am a budding designer and an Irish Crochet lace enthusiast. I learned to knit about four years ago (taught by our own Candace!). I love teaching and I have a background in photography and graphic design.


I have been knitting for 10 years, after being introduced to fiber arts by coworkers. I have had the privilege of learning from many talented people and being part of the rich fiber arts community in the Bay Area. I love to knit and spin, and am always eager to share and learn new things in yarn and life!


I learned to knit on straight needles from my mother and her friends when I was about 7 years old. I grew up in the Netherlands where everyone learned to knit, cross stitch, do woodwork, clay, etc. I knit lots of different things but I love to knit sweaters. I have a husband who is an software engineer, three children, and two cats who will be trained to be my stash guardians after they stop eating the yarn.


I learned knitting from my grandmother and it is my main hobby. I grew up in communist Czechslovakia where crocheting and needle skills were part of the school curriculum and they still play an important part in my life. I met my husband while visiting the US almost twenty years ago. I like to knit lace patterns especially if they have a chart. I am a very optimistic and happy person and beautiful yarn in my hands makes me even happier.



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