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Andrea learned to crochet and embroider as a small child from her Mother and as curriculum in school in Germany. Her background in retail comes from working with both her mother and uncle, who owned retail clothing stores in the US and Germany while she was growing up. After taking up knitting in 2010, everything seemed to come together and her passion was found! Andrea also enjoys spinning and weaving, as well as hiking, swimming and gardening.

Kathleen's grandmother taught her to knit/crochet when she was a very small child. She was left in her grandmothers care while both her parents worked, so it was the one thing they could do together since she spoke Spanish and Kathleen spoke English. Her  grandmother bought her first skein of yarn, her own crochet hook and a white wicker tote. Kathleen enjoys knitting, KALs, and belongs to the GPY sock club. When she's not knitting, she loves to read knitting mystery novels.


During her time as an undergraduate student, Shelbie taught herself to crochet and then knit. Crafting quickly became a passion of hers, and after graduation she found herself working part-time at a yarn shop in Virginia. Since then, she has also learned to spin fiber. Shelbie loves knitting socks and shawls and crocheting baby blankets. She really enjoyss teaching others how to knit and crochet, and one day hopes to learn how to weave.


Renata learned knitting from her grandmother and it is her main hobby. She grew up in communist Czechoslovakia, where crocheting and needle skills were part of the school curriculum, and they still play an important part in her life. She met my husband while visiting the US almost twenty years ago. She likes to knit lace patterns, especially if they are charted. Renata is a very optimistic and happy person, and beautiful yarn in her hands makes her even happier.



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