Efficacy of quince tea, which is good for neuralgia or muscle pain

Disgraceful of fish pancakes is ordered by the squid, and disgraceful of fruit pancakes is ordered by the quince. Unlike the old saying, “Fish pancakes are made by grasshoppers and fruit pancakes are made by quince,” it is recorded in Donguibogam because it smells so good and has good efficacy, and is a medicinal ingredient published in the Korea Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Administration (KHP).

Quince is effective in preventing various adult diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis by strengthening the stomach, relieving bronchitis symptoms, lowering blood cholesterol levels, and facilitating blood circulation.

It smells so good, but it tastes sour, bitter, and has a hard shell, making it difficult to eat raw, so it is mainly used as quince syrup and quince tea. It is also used as a natural air freshener in homes and cars.

a quince tree

The current Korean name quince tree is based on Jeong Tae-hyun, an educator and botanist, and is derived from the Chinese character quince (1942), meaning that fruits similar to yellow melon hang on the tree.

a quince tree

Chinese quince, Common floweringquince

a deciduous tree of the family Rosaceae

Scientific name Chaenomelles sinensis (Thouin) Koehne

The generic name Chaenomelles is a compound word of the Greek word chaino (open) + melon (apple), meaning an open apple, which is derived from the fact that ripe fruits are split. The species name sinensis means ‘dwelling in China’.

Efficacy of quince tea

promotion of digestion

The sour apple acid and organic acid components promote the secretion of digestive enzymes, helping to improve symptoms of indigestion or nausea.

improvement of muscle pain

It is also effective in cases where muscles become stiff, neck and shoulder muscles become firm, and cramps easily occur, and it is even made under the name of Leilajeong using quince from Korea PMJ and served as a pain and musculoskeletal enhancer. In addition, there is a paper that extracts the ingredients of quince and puts them as a disc injection, which softens cartilage tissue and reduces pain.


Quince works well for arthritis caused by customs, such as pain diseases ranging from waist to legs, and sciatic neuralgia.

prevention of colds

It is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which is good for fatigue recovery, and is effective in preventing colds by strengthening immunity.

bone health

It is rich in calcium and potassium, which strengthens bones and improves bone density, helping to form bones and develop growth of growing children.

▲ Chinese quince tea


Vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin pigments in the skin, which has the effect of improving skin such as freckles and freckles.


It is low in calories and rich in fiber, so it is effective in dieting by giving you a feeling of satiety even with a small amount.

improvement of vascular function

It lowers blood cholesterol levels and facilitates blood circulation, which is effective in preventing various adult diseases such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

▲ Quince tea can be made by drying quince syrup or quince. When making enzymatic fermentation liquid with quince, it is better to ferment by cutting pears.

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Quince Effect in Donguibogam

The quince is a collection of the fruit of Donguibogam Tangyukpyeon and Bangyakhappyeon, a protocol compiled by Heo Jun, a doctor of the Joseon Dynasty, according to the order of his ancestors.

Donguibogam Tangsuyukpyeon 部문果편액

[Voiceover] The quince is warm and tastes sour and has no poison. Gwakran treats vomiting, diarrhea, and continuous cramps, digesting well, and stopping the thirst behind dysentery. It also treats Bundon, Gakgi, Sujong, Sogal, and those with areas and smoke. It also strengthens the tendon and bones and heals the lack of strength in the legs and knees. ○ Quince grows in the south, and the branch looks like cherry blossoms, and the compartment in the fruit is blocked, and there are seeds in it. The seed shape is like Haneultari seed (Guarouin). It’s very fragrant to use over a fire. I get it in September of the lunar calendar. ○ The fruit is like a small melon, and you can eat it even though it is sour. However, you should not eat a lot because it damages your teeth and bones. ○ It keeps tendons and blood because it goes into the liver. ○Scratch the skin and seeds with a copper knife, slice them thinly, and dry them in the sun. ○ Because quince received the energy of the tree, it enters the tendon. If you apply Yeonbaeksang, the sour taste disappears. This is because gold is contained[Boncho] ○ The fruit of the quince is good like a gourd. Since it enters the Su and Joktaeum Sutra, it helps the lungs, removes moisture, even the stomach, and nourishes the rain.

● Classification of efficacy group of oriental medicine: Geopung Wet Medicine (風藥)()

● Herbal medicine and medicinal properties: The taste is sour, slightly salty, and the temperature is warm.

● Herbal area of action (circular, )經): Quince mainly affects liver and spleen diseases.

● the efficacy of herbal medicine

– Hwawi Seogun: Relax your stomach and relax your muscles.

– Geopung Habit: It eliminates Pungsa and Habit

– Sodamjihae: Make a wall and stop coughing.

● an explanation of medicinal properties

– It treats cramps in the limbs and hurts.

– It relaxes muscles and allows blood veins and meridians to connect well.

– It is used for each disease, swelling of the body, and dysentery.

– be effective for indigestion

● a medicinal method

– Put 6-9g of fruit in 800ml of water, boil it, divide it in half, and drink it in the morning and evening.